Our Mission: Connecting the World’s Capital to the World’s Growth

Our Mission: Connecting the World’s Capital to the World’s Growth

Heron Finance was launched with an ambitious long-term goal: To support the fundamental transformation of our global financial system.

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At the heart of everything we do at Heron Finance is a simple belief that there is vast, untapped potential in the world.

We’ve seen it first-hand: millions of people in Latin America with pent-up demand to purchase smartphones; thousands of entrepreneurs in South Asia who lack working capital to buy inventory; and hundreds of small merchants in the U.S. seeking financing to invest in growth.

Tapping into that potential at scale requires structural change, because even as our society grows more interconnected, our financial systems remain siloed.

There are countless enterprises that, despite building promising businesses, still find themselves cut off from the capital they need to thrive—to the tune of over $5 trillion a year in emerging markets alone (not to mention limited access in developed countries, as well).[1] On the other end of the financial spectrum, investors are searching for these very opportunities, but often can’t access them, or even find them in the first place. Many require significant capital commitments, and are therefore only available to the largest institutional investors.

Our antiquated system isolates these two worlds—businesses looking to grow, and investors looking for opportunities. Collectively, it holds us all back.

We believe it’s time to change that. And now tailwinds have emerged that make change not only possible, but inevitable:

  • Global regulatory shifts are causing both national and regional banks to shy away from lending, which creates a massive opportunity for private credit providers.
  • Stock and bond fluctuations are growing more correlated, meaning individual investors are now looking for ways to diversify their portfolio through alternative investments like private credit.
  • Digital innovation and blockchain technology are making our financial systems more open and allowing more investors to participate.

Together, these shifts present an opportunity to finally bridge the financing gap. And Heron Finance is at the forefront of this evolution.

This, ultimately, is our mission: to connect the world’s capital to the world’s growth.

Our mission is about more than just investing. It’s about unlocking potential. We see a future system where anyone, anywhere in the world, can access the capital they need to launch or grow a business. And where any investor can participate, supporting that growth and sharing in its success. All as part of an interconnected financial system that’s global, open, and interoperable by default.

As that system comes to fruition, the market won’t just adapt. It will expand. Entrepreneurs who previously couldn’t access the capital they need will be able to do so. Investors will have new pathways for investing in small businesses as easily as they invest in stocks and bonds. And new businesses and communities will flourish across the globe, because this financial system will reach them when banks couldn’t, or wouldn’t.

That is the world we’re building towards at Heron Finance. Join us on this journey.

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